PossAbilities offers different workshops for parents, teachers and students on many topics related to learning disabilities. 

Learning Styles Workshop - Curious how your child learns? Are you sick of fighting about homework? Understanding your child's learn style can often help alleviate some of the conflict that occurs during homework time.  Is your child a visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner? Using a child's dominant style should influence how the homework is achieved. An auditory learner will learn their times tables best by hearing them, listening to them and saying them back over and over. A visual learner will learn them best by seeing patterns, by looking at the tricks, by visualizing the groups. A kinesthetic learner will learn them best by moving around, shooting a basketball while saying them, using cards to flip, dice to roll and counting on their fingers perhaps even while chewing gum or playing with a stress reliever toy.

Everyday Math Workshop - Math is a big part of our everyday lives, and because of that, "sneaking" Math into our children's lives is easy to do. This workshop will give you tips and tricks to incorporating Math into your daily routines. The goals of the workshop are to:
a) understand the 5 Math strands of the Ontario Curriculum
Number Sense and Numeration
Geometry and Spatial Sense
Patterning and Algebra
Data Management and Probability
b) have tools that you can use at home, in the car, or in the community that focus on the 5 strands
c) have a better idea of how to help your child think about Math in a different way
d) get your specific questions answered that you may have about "sneaking" Math into daily life

Spelling Workshop - Demystifying the English Language. Are you sick of answering "just because" when your child or student asks why <eight> is spelled like that, or <love> is spelled like that? I refuse to use the answer "just because" or "just memorize it, it just is."  English Language is perfectly ordered and structured with very few exceptions but we just don't seem to teach the kids the "why."  In this workshop you will learn some of the simple, yet seemingly mysterious rules that we don't overtly teach. For example: <igh> is a trigraph (3 letters that make 1 sound) and it says long <i> like in <night>, <light>, <sight> BUT when we put an <e> or <a> in front of it, the <igh> trigraph become a long <a> sound. The spelling of <eight> makes perfect sense once you know that simple rule. No English word ends in <v> so if it comes at the end, we use <ve>.  In English you can never have a <u> and <v> side by side and when you can't use a <u> in English, you use an <o>. Now it explains the spelling of <love>. Want to know more? Give me a call!

Raising Responsible Children Workshop - ​Are you curious about how to give your children more responsibility? Do you ever wonder what your children should be responsible for in terms of homework, housework and other responsibilities? Do you battle over making lunches, homework or cleaning up toys and rooms? Do you know what executive functioning skills are? If you answered yes to any of these questions, perhaps this workshop is for you!

I love to give workshops to parents, students and teachers. I am extremely innovative and creative with making workshops interactive and fun and to suit the needs of your audience.

Feel free to call me to discuss what you are looking for. 

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PossAbilities offers different workshops to parents, teachers and students on many topics related to learning disabilities. read more

Educational Planning

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