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"Sharon was my daughter’s teacher for two years when Sharon worked at a school for children who need educational  support. I can’t thank her enough for the care and attention she so consistently gave to all of the children. Sharon’s focus was not just on supporting areas of challenge; she also saw and supported her students’ strengths, helping them grow in all areas. My daughter has just very successfully completed her first year of university, and Sharon is one of the people who helped her develop the skill set to get there. Sharon’s ability to care for the whole child and to know what strategies help to overcome challenges will make her a very effective educational consultant. I wholeheartedly recommend her."

Gerry Weaver


"Sharon has been working with my son, for the last three years, who is diagnosed with disabilities in reading and written output.  She is the kind of person that once you start working with her, you want her to remain in your life forever— she is a real gem!

Not only has she been able to teach the skills necessary to help my son with his learning disabilities, but creates the kind of supportive environment that allows children to thrive — giving my son the care and confidence that allowed him to blossom.  My son is thriving at school academically and socially (and is an A student).  Part of that credit can be attributed to Sharon’s excellent teaching ability, compassion and dedication."

Jennifer Innes

“Sharon is knowledgeable, friendly, and engaging. She quickly identified my daughter’s learning strengths and weaknesses, and systematically helped her to learn the rules of spelling and more. My daughter is a much stronger reader and writer as a result of their work together. Even I learned a few new things! I am so thankful we found Sharon."


"Sharon has worked with both our children and our family for two years. When I ask my nine year old daughter about her she says,  "She really helps me and she improved my reading!" 

As for my son, he's a boy who has challenges academically, behaviorally and socially. Sharon has made a big difference in his ability to read and be part of the class. She has taught him to advocate for himself. As well, she challenges him with no nonsense questions to make him really think in a different way than what he is used to or what is expected of him from his school teachers.

Her support to our family these past 2 years has made a huge improvement in how we talk to each other about school and learning. She has pointed out to me how to advocate for the kids and what questions to ask teachers or administration in order that they get the services they need."

Toni Fahey