PossAbilities offers different workshops to parents, teachers and students on many topics related to learning disabilities. read more


PossAbilities educational consulting and advocacy services provide support and information that enable you to become your child’s best advocate at school. read more

Educational Planning

PossAbilities offers support in understanding Individual Education Plans (IEP's) and Psycho-Educational Reports.  read more

Our Tutors

Sonia Okamoto - Sonia has a passion and love for teaching and helping others. As an English language teacher and experienced human services professional, Sonia is passionate about helping people pursue their goals in education, employment, and civic engagement. She worked in educational and non-profit settings over the last 11 years, gaining experience in teaching, program development, and community stakeholder relations to deliver training and support to diverse groups of adults, youth, and children.
Sonia believe in a strengths-based approach to teaching. Her experience working with newcomers and students with learning disabilities in particular has affirmed her belief that the best learning happens when we build on learners’ unique strengths and knowledge.

Suzanne Vienneau -Suzanne is a compassionate and dedicated tutor who cares deeply about each individual student. She has worked at MindWare Academy, a private school specializing in teaching students with special needs, for over 9 years. Suzanne's sense of humour, easy nature and deep understanding of student needs makes her an asset to our team. She is deeply committed to ensuring each student's program is individualized and tailored to specific needs. Suzanne believes that watching students grow, progress and flourish is one of her greatest joys.