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Educational Planning

PossAbilities offers support in understanding Individual Education Plans (IEP's) and Psycho-Educational Reports.  read more

          Educational Planning

PossAbilities offers support in understanding Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and Psycho-Educational Reports.  If your child has a Psychological Assessment Report, make sure you understand what it says and what it means for your child. Often, parents receive the feedback, but aren't in the mindset to fully digest what it means or how it will impact their child's learning. I am trained in assessments and can help parents understand what the report means. I am also very good at looking at the recommendations and helping parents prioritize what should be done first.  Accessing the services that are recommended on the report is sometimes quite challenging.

I can help parents use the results from the assessment to help write useful and practical Individual Education Plans (IEPs) that their child will be able to use. I understand that working harmoniously with the school is the most successful way to achieve the desired results. One of my principal services, therefore, is to help  educate parents in special education laws and guide them to ensure that the goals on the IEP match the recommendations from the assessment, focusing on using the child's strengths to succeed. I am also happy to review existing IEPs and will gladly come to IEP meetings at the school to support parents through the process.

I am very sensitive to the complex needs of each student when developing plans and have learned the importance of working closely with school staff members to identify solutions that successfully accommodate special needs and that will be achievable in the classroom. There is little sense saying the student needs small group instruction for reading if the school does not have the resources to support that.  I  believe that educational planning should emphasize the whole child. Therefore, I often lead discussions that focus specifically on the student’s unique gifts, abilities and interests. This allows the educational team to include goals and activities that address the child’s strengths which is helpful in remediating weaknesses.

If you would like help understanding a psychological report, writing or fixing an IEP or support at IEP meetings, please call me at 613-316-6357 or email

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