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Educational Planning

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PossAbilities is an Ottawa based company that was created on the premise that when you "light up" or focus on a child's abilities then there are endless possibilities for positive solutions.

I've seen too many parents frustrated, upset and worried about what to do when their child is struggling at school. I want to help parents navigate this tricky road and empower them to advocate positively for the needs of their child.

About Me

I am a passionate special education teacher with over 19 years experience teaching in the classroom. I have primarily taught children with learning disabilities and understand the complexities involved in having a child who struggles academically and or socially. I believe that every student can succeed to the best of their abilities if given the proper supports.  

I am committed to collaborative problem solving, looking at the whole child, and focusing on a child's strengths, in order to find solutions that work.  I am an optimistic, caring and compassionate teacher who advocates for the success of all students. I achieve this goal by finding modifications, accommodations and altering delivery in order to teach to the student's learning style and strength. I teach my students how to work within a positive mindset and I truly believe that if you say "you can" you will be able to.

I have an extensive understanding of language based learning disabilities such as  Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and Written Expression challenges and I am an expert in teaching children how to read and spell.  I have training in Orton Gillingham and Real Spelling. I have a solid knowledge and understanding of children with ADHD, with Non Verbal Learning Disability (NLD), Autism Spectrum Disorder which includes Aspergers, and Pervasive Development  Disorder. I have also worked with children with Anxiety Disorders. The disability does not define the child. The child's strengths, talents and individuality defines the child.

Sharon Reichstein

Bachelor of Arts - Sociology Major

Developmental Services Worker Diploma

Bachelor of Education - Special Education 1 and 2

Psychometric Level B Assessment Designation


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