PossAbilities offers different workshops to parents, teachers and students on many topics related to learning disabilities. read more


PossAbilities educational consulting and advocacy services provide support and information that enable you to become your child’s best advocate at school. read more

Educational Planning

PossAbilities offers support in understanding Individual Education Plans (IEP's) and Psycho-Educational Reports.  read more

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Welcome to PossAbilities.

I'm glad you came to visit!

My goal is simple: To help make learning challenges less challenging.


At PossAbilities I am committed to helping families and students in Ottawa, navigate the sometimes unpredictable and bumpy road that may come with having a learning disability. Whether your child has a specific LD diagnosis, is gifted, has NLD, is on the autism spectrum, suffers from anxiety, has ADHD, or is just having a tough time at school, I am here to listen, guide and help investigate many possibilities for success. My slogan makes sense: "When you light up abilities, there are endless possibilities!"

Let's figure out what those are together!

If you are looking for support or have a question, please call me (Sharon) at

613-316-6457 or email

Looking forward to hearing from you!